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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance can give your loved ones peace of mind. If there is one thing you can do to protect your family’s finances in the event of your passing, it is to acquire a life insurance policy. US Insurance Advisors works with A+ rated carriers with a variety of options to meet your family’s needs.

Accidental Death
Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Critical Illness
Disability Income

Term Life

Rapid Decision Term Life Insurance is designed to provide you with affordable coverage for a fixed period of time. In the event of your passing, a death benefit will be paid to your beneficiary. It is an ideal solution for individuals who have temporary insurance needs. No medical exams or waiting periods (note: policy approval still depends on answers to basic health questions) Guaranteed level premium periods of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 years.

Accidental Death Benefit

Covers you in case of death resulting from an accident.

Disability Income Insurance

Provides a benefit if insured becomes sick or injured and unable to work. Ideal for individuals in the lower to upper-middle income markets and small-business owners.

Cash Advantage – Critical Illness

Throughout America there is a growing concern over the additional costs associated with critical illnesses beyond those covered by health insurance, with survivors and their families being left to deal with the financial consequences.

With advances in treating critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, and strokes, life expectancy has dramatically increased. However, the excitement of survival is soon replaced by the financial and physical demands on the family associated with survival and recovery.

Critical Illness insurance is a form of supplemental health insurance that provides lump sum cash benefits should you be diagnosed with a covered critical illness. Critical Illnesses are generally serious events, but survival rates have been steadily increasing. However, some critical illnesses become chronic, persisting over a longer period of time.