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Why Should I Choose US Insurance Advisors?

Simplified process

Here at US Insurance Advisors our process is simple and easy; we have pioneered in-house underwriting …

Pre-existing conditions accepted

If you’ve ever been told by your doctor that you have a health condition, the last thing you …

Guaranteed pricing

One of the most frustrating parts about purchasing health insurance is the uncertainty of what the actual rate will be. …

We're more affordable

US Insurance Advisors has a wide portfolio of major medical products that will not rate you up for medical …

Who We Are In Short

US Insurance Advisors is a new and innovative way to understand insurance. It is possible to obtain high quality health insurance while remaining within your means. We are here to provide health plans from well known and trusted insurance providers. Plans that cover everything from doctor visits to the prescription drugs in the event of an emergency hospital visit. Our helpful and friendly staff of fully trained and licensed agents will ensure you have nothing but great experiences with our company. We want to keep you as a customer for as long as possible. The excellent and informative service you receive from Day 1 will be the same service you should except to receive for as long as you remain a client of ours.

Contact Us

"The professionalism and attentiveness United Access Insurance provides is unmatched. I have never felt so confident when making such an important decision such as purchasing health insurance. All my needs were fulfilled and the best part was their insurance agents personally follow up with you even after you have purchased your policy. They went above and beyond in making me feel confident about my decision."

Vanessa Sanchez, Texas

"I had been searching for a health insurance plan for my family that would cover not just medical, but dental and vision as well. I was referred to United Access by my pilates instructor. I called them and the response I received was very welcoming and helpful. I didn’t have to spend hours on the phone, a seconds after being on the line, the rep had already pulled up a few quotes for me to compare. She explained everything in full detail, leaving little room for questions. I’m so happy I found United Access Insurance. I can live worry free now knowing my family is covered."

Sandra Mitchell, Pennsylvania
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